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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets All Move To The Fun Side Of The Island!!!

Over all, I am happy enough to invite you over and launch the new site. Remember, I am still fiddling, but I think you are more likely to be able to help me find little tweak points anyway, so without further adieu, at least on this site, I give you my new location:

Please change your bookmarks to

Bye Bye. See you on the fun side....

Rain Again

I think that the area has now tripled the usual annual rainfall for the year, and we haven't hit the rainy season (near the end of summer).

Again the roof was drumming out a sleepy rhythm through the night. We had a bit of a lull, and a tiny patch of sun, but now being 2 pm, we are hearing rumbles of thunder.

We again have a huge puddle across the drive path near the red water tower.

This morning I noticed that the waterfall had returned, and again the reservoir by which we are residing has a really intriguing brown on green patterning going on.

I still declare this to be the best worst weather we have yet experienced. It was rather amusing as we did an exploratory drive seeing people out with toques and gloves. Now come on, it's not that bad!!

So we first wanted to see if Skunk Hollow was swimming again, and it was, though not nearly as bad as previously, then we decide that since there was not much else to do, we explored some of the side roads along Senator's Wash Road. We found Coyote Ridge, and a few other mesas and such places, but they were all a bit isolated for our liking.

I am enclosing some shots of both the aftermath of the wet, and some of the explored regions.

The Blogger version of this post has a few less pictures, but please revisit the post once I go live on the new page (really soon, I hope) as it is much easier to include a photo gallery in the new format. (The rain is starting again...)

Anyway, I am working really hard to get the new site ready for launch so bear with my less frequent posts. We are almost there.

But for now,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Start of Something New

I am in the process of setting up a new site for Life On Our Ark. It is an exciting step, and it is going to take just a bit longer, but I think any of you that are following will approve of the change.

By switching sites, I am moving into the less confined space of a self-owned site. This will also solve the issues I have been having with linking, photo limits, and layout.

I am just making sure the archives are accurate, and then I will post the relocation site. Hang in there as I focus on getting it right and then come on over to the "fun side of the island" - (Marty from Madagascar).

In the meantime, just for small talk's sake, it is interesting to watch as some of the locals have starting hiking across the mud flats. The water level has been down for about 2 weeks now, and it is not as moist as it was, so you can walk without sinking in. I am looking forward to the water level increasing.

I am rather surprised with all the rain we have had that the farmers feel the need to flood the fields when new crops have been planted. It seems that the fields have new crops in about every month and a half. It is quite a change from the Canadian standard. I think the most I have seen in a season is about 3 crops, and that was in the "lotus land" of Victoria where the season is much longer.

(One day later the lake is finally up to full status again.)
Anyway, I will bid you