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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cool and Sunny - By Arizona Standards

Another sunny cooler day is upon us and I find myself in the laundry pile again. With the smaller drum, you can't help but cross these fairly frequently.

I was surprised to see that 2 days ago the reservoir was drained down for irrigation. With the impromptu lakes still visible, and the crop fields very clearly mud bound, I would have thought they would have been able to omit the flood the field stage of this round of crops. The water level is restored again though.

The other day (the one which found me cameraless for some reason) we saw a flock of about 15 or so pelicans fly over. It was a really neat sight.

I'm told, however that spring has not truly arrived here until you see the turkey vultures fly over in large flocks. Then the heat will seriously return to the region. I hope the camera is in hand for that one!

As for the unusually high rains, it is starting to have its affect on the flora of the region. It is very subtle right now, but if you look closely (no picture, use your mind's eye) the surrounding hills and roadside plains have just a thin skimming of green. The sproutings are still very small, but it brings promise of a potentially amazing display of desert flowers in the near future. Now that, I want my camera on!!

Anyway, the laundry needs hanging, so I bid you


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