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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Good-Bye

I wanted to honour another wonderful woman in my life who left this world. My Grandmother on my Father's side was the last of my surviving Grandparents, and she made the journey home on the morning of August 11.

She was a woman of great faith, and especially in her later years when mobility was no longer her strength, she would have a hand in all family concerns by praying for all who were troubled, or that she felt needed a little intervention, or just was due for a blessing.

She especially lived for the grandchildren, and had love to give with a balancing dose of patience and wisdom. She reached her 9th decade, and strode a couple years beyond.

I often marvel at the world changes witnessed by the nonagenarians. These are the people who have observed the simpler pace, yet harsher times including the Great Depression, horse and buggy travel, wood stoves, outdoor plumbing, single room school houses, the arrival of radio, tv, cars, planes, rockets, computers, and so many simple to technical transitions that the mind boggles!!

So with love and fond memories, I bless her journey and reunion with her beloved husband, and rejoice in her rejuvenation as promised her by her God.

In reminiscence, I bid you, and her


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