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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heading Out Again

I work the night audit tonight, then when I get off shift, we will be heading south to Bellevue en route to Nelson.

We are going to spend a couple days, and will be taking the cottage instead of the big rig as it will be easier to park at Ken's daughter's home.

The kayaks and bikes are coming with us, so you never know, it could happen.....

We have had fairly high temperatures here, but apparently, the more temperate region of the lower mainland are beating us by a good 4 - 6 degrees. To my knowledge, the lower mainland generally considers 30 and up to be heat wave temps, so 36 is nearly unheard of. At least that range is not unfamiliar around here.

It has been very relieving though, that the evenings do dip to acceptable cooling temps, so one can get some sleep.

Anyway, I am ready to scare up some supper. I'm not sure how the air card's signal will be while we are away as the cells generally drop signal there. We shall see.

But for now, I bid you


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