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Friday, August 28, 2009

Impressions on the Carpet

Okay, I am not a product endorsement page, and I surely don't want to come across as an infomercial, however, I have to say I was so impressed with a cleaning product that I just have to suggest it for anyone dealing with stains.

It started innocently enough, I was making BBQ chicken for dinner, and was opening a new bottle of a pineapple something marinating sauce. It had the plastic shrink wrapped lid cover which I struggled with for a bit and finally conquered. I then went to shake it as one would do for flavour blending. The lid had been twisted loose under the plastic, and 2 rapid shakes had quite the affect!!! As the sauce was a lovely brownish red hue, and the carpet is a lovely beige bur-bur, the result was, hmmm, lets go with noticable, shall we,.....

(I started to clean before I decided that a before / after would be good, but it went from the fridge to the stairs!!)

So I took out the liquid I have been pleased with in the past. It is sold in pet stores and I sometimes see it in places like Canadian Tire. It comes in a white bottle with red letters, and is called Nature's Miracle, from a company Pets 'N People Inc which is a subsidiary of 8 in 1 Pet Products.

(Glory doing her best Vanna White impression)

I soaked down the spill (which wasted no time in absorbing into the carpet fibres) and then I took a rag and with determined hopefulness, started rubbing the spots. It lifted with little effort. I did apply a second round and used a fresh rag, but the results can't be argued, I'd say!

All I can say, is WOW! (BTW, I also splashed a bit of sauce on the shirt, and it worked on it too - a pink cotton t-shirt)

In past, I also used it on a coffee stain on the same carpet. I discovered the stain when I moved Ken's chair, and it was about the size of a cd. I have no idea the vintage, but long enough ago to be long dry. Again, no mark remains.

Anyway, I'm off to fill a day with random activities. If anything notable comes of it, I'll let you know :-)

Until then, I bid you



  1. Thank you! I need to get some of that product but couldn't remember the name! LOL!

  2. Glory is always happy to help out Nelix & Tabitha! :-)
    Midnight would have helped too, but he was too busy trying to dig out of the rig at the door while we were away - (one more screen to replace, but this time his target area is going to get a plexiglass section *insert evil cackle*)