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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Progressions in the Utility Trailer

There hasn't been a whole lot of goings on lately, but it has been a nice calm stretch. Sometimes, that is as good as an adventure.

Ken has finally put up enough shelving to get the bins off the floor, and he is very pleased to finally have floor space, and the ability to use the tools that line the walls. Up until now, there has been so much clutter in the centre isle that it was impossible to use them, and you couldn't find anything.

As September steps into the limelight, we are still pondering our destination this winter. Due to the sadness and bitter taste left with the departure and means thereof of our former crewpup, Max, Oliver is not on the list of considerations. That and most of our fellow snowbirds of last year are not going, so there is no familiarity of that place.

The part that went unposted due to the hurt it caused was the means of "disposal". We had to leave for Nelson the day after he departed, and so came back a week later to settle the bill. As we live in an RV, we didn't feel we could keep or give due respect to him, so we asked for them to deal with his final placement.

When Ken asked what they did, he was shocked and sickened to hear that they froze him for 3 days to ensure he was gone, then sent him to the landfill site with the regular garbage. Needless to say we can't easily consider returning to a place that has so little respect for a family member! :-(

Sorry for the digression. It still boils the blood a bit, but back on track,....

If we venture across the border, we are considering a number of locations. We have heard good and bad about just about every potential site, and are a bit overwhelmed with all the options.

There have been several suggestions like Yuma, Phoenix, Salome, but the one that is most intriguing right now is Lake Havasue.

On the other hand, if we stay in Canada, the quandary still falls under where is warm enough, but still not as expensive as the lower mainland? Last year, the heating cost was quite high, and that alone might be enough consideration to drive us to the deep south.

There still is time, but it is getting closer all the time to a final decision being required, especially since we need to get the extended health, and bump the insurance to include under insured accident coverage as many states have insurance as optional.

It is often the little incidents that can break the bank when going south. We don't want to be unprepared if we do go.

Anyway, I must get on with the day, so I bid you



  1. Please come to Campbell River. :)

    (oh, and Those People were monsters, and I don't use the word lightly)

  2. Sadly, we mentioned it to the vet that tended Midnight's teeth, and although they were greatly displeased, they sadly admitted that a lot of BC is that way. They don't though. They have a special pet cremation service they use, and they were impressed with the fellow doing the pick up runs as he was commenting about how it displease him to see the state of a different vet's dirty freezer unit.
    It is nice to see that some in that industry recognize pets for the significant family that they are.

    As for Campbell River, we might consider the island if the states don't win, but probably more south like Parksville. It is still a gentle day trip if we do though :)