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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inquiring minds....

Okay, I know there are a some followers of this blog, so in a manner of speaking, this is kind of a test probe.

We are now 1/4 through September (how that happened, I am still puzzling over, but I digress....).

I am committed to my job until the end of this month, but we are still pondering the options of where to winter. (I had one vote for Campbell River, but I am thinking a bit south of there. The island isn't totally off the list though)

We are seriously looking at Arizona, but have absolutely no personal experience with the journey or options. I have been looking at Mojave Valley, Parker, Yuma, Salome, and have come up utterly overwhelmed with my inability to truly get down deep into meeting the criteria we are considering of value.

And so I come to you wonderful folks, and am seeking any thoughts you might have to influence or warn, or what have you.

We basically are looking for warm, snowless, friendly, near water, as much included in hook-up as possible (We expect to be paying for power, but would be pleasantly pleased if not). Wi-fi is critical as we currently use a Canada only aircard (It would work in the States, but the roaming charges would be outrageous).

We still would like to launch and become familiar with our kayaks. Walking paths would be nice, and a lap friendly pool would be delightful. We are hoping to have a pad fee in the low to mid $300 monthly range, and we might bring the camper/truck so we can do small scale overnight explorations, so parking for 2 vehicles might be a consideration. (And of course, pet friendly is critical)

We don't want a big city, but something that is big enough for Walmart style shopping within 20 minute drive would be appreciated.

On the other hand, if we stay in Canada, we want Not Oliver(bad memories), reasonably warm, and priced in an affordable range, so not directly in the lower mainland or Victoria area.

So hey, let's have fun with this. What do you suggest??

Awaiting your replies, and at this time bidding you



  1. You know what my vote is. ;)

  2. Thanks. It may well be not too far from your request, but personally, I REALLY don't want to do any form of winter this year. :)

  3. One facebook viewer of the blog suggested Pahrump, NV.
    I will also scope it out. Thanks:)

  4. (From my Facebook link:)
    For cheap, no frills southern camping check out the BLM sites for around $150 per year in the Arizona/California area. You would need solar panels, but most have a sani-dump and you need to haul in water. For that kind of camping, also check out the Imperial Dam area in Arizona - not too far from Yuma. One of the sites has showers, washrooms, water available but not to the rig, and a sani-dump.

    Great info, but we are looking for a bit more than boondocking. Hope it is also useful to other readers as well, and it will be great for if we bring the camper for exploration.