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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swalwell, and Sundre

We had a couple slow days where we just pottered. On Sunday we decided around 3 pm to leave base camp Three Hills, and check out a nearby watering hole for its potential for finally launching the kayaks. (It could happen, I'm still hopeful...)

We headed south on highway 21 and turned west toward Swalwell. It was an interesting small body that was great for the calmness of the water, but we were puzzled as to where one would launch 2 kayaks at 11 feet long each. The entire shore was fairly steep, and mostly surrounded by bullrushes. I actually forgot to get a shot of the whole lake because we were diverted by an awesome site of an owl who was about 2 feet tall who swooped alongside the truck. It landed only a few feet away in a nearby tree.

I did manage to catch him perched, and then on the back swing, got him in the rushes and bushes on the opposite shore. In the following 3 shots, I have highlighted where he is in the shot. He was a beautiful sight.
You might be able to see him better if you click and enlarge the shots. He is in all 3, honest :-) I did enhance him in the pictures, but he is, after all meant for camouflage...

He also led us to meeting a wonderful couple fishing by the water's edge. In all, it was a really nice outting with a surprisingly pleasant encounter with new friends. In the RVing world, the encounters just have that affect on a person. The meetings are random, often short, but leave a wonderful impression on you, and causing you to look forward to the next path crossing with someone never before known, but welcome anytime :-)

Yesterday was more of an arranged crossing. We drove out to Sundre to visit with another couple we met in Oliver. They are hosting the campground in the area for the summer. We had a great visit, learned a few new things about the eternal issue of communications on the move, and then headed home. It is always great to connect with old friends. (If that lead goes anywhere, I will embellish at a later date)

Today is the exciting task of laundry and house work, then prep for 2 night shifts. On that note, I will bid you


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