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Monday, December 29, 2008

Back On Line

So, something to consider in the world of full-timers is internet access.  More and more RV sites have Wi Fi access.  Unfortunately, we have been at a site that due to holidays and malfunction, has been without for 3 days.  
We have looked into providing our own internet via a dish, but we are resisting it for now as it is an initial outlay of somewhere in the vicinity of $2000 the last time I checked, and then a monthly fee of approximately $45 - 55 ish dollars (again, this research has not been reviewed since the summer, so is relatively dated in worth).  This spring we may review the matter again.  I will keep you posted on that info and decision.
In the meantime we continue to wait for the ever bumped, but still looming thawing of the weather.  Due to inability to do too much outside, that about sums up my contribution to this posting.  We did pick up the tank in Kelowna today though.  It was nice to get out for a day.
I will be setting up some links on the borders of some of my more favoured sites.  Some are in earlier posts, but I will repost them on the side so that they are always handy.  
Well, for now I bid you,



  1. I'd sure like to know who quoted you those figures for monthly fees! All my research pointed to the 100$+ a month range, on top of the equipment.

    So far, I find the occasional lack of internet to be something I can live with considering the financial outlay, but my dream bus will have a Motosat dish. :-)

    Sunday was mild--I was up on my roof clearing the melting snow! :)

  2. The quote was from, but it is up around $59 monthly now, and that is for basic high speed service. It is coming down, and in a year or 2 it might be viable.... but then again, the site availability might be enough that it won't be worth bothering...