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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, here we go. I have been full-timing since mid-October, and figured it is high time to join the world of the cyber-journeyers. I will be developing my genre as I go, but for now, I will consider this blog to be the life and times of a rookie full-timer and her accompanying crew of cast-aways. (To be introduced in a later post....). The accompanying shot is to introduce you to the Ark, my husband and me (at a distance - yes, I am a female, therefore if I must be in it, I will be as distant or blurry as possible.)

We also have two critters to validate the title given to the rig. Although one is male and one is female, they are breeding impaired by 2 factors. The most obvious being that one is a toy poodle, and the other is a very refined and dignified barn cat - come - house cat. (Rather a "My Fair Lady" story, but I digress...) The second significant if not immediately obvious challenge is that they have both suffered from a common human imposition on their rights, degenderization.

I must get on with other matters of life in this impromptu winter wonderland. Stay tuned, in our next episode we shall give a brief summation of what brings me to this world of, "Home is where the truck lands".

For now, Adieu.


  1. Wishing you an official 'hi there and hello' as an unofficial representative of the online RVers!

  2. With a cloud of horse manure and a hardy, "Hi Ho Silver!!" We dash off into the sunset...... (as Ken would say..)