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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Good Bye to 2008.  The last portion of it has definitely provided its share of learning, particularly when it comes to dealing with cold weather.

One of my friends at this site is moving along.  (From Travels With Miranda) Through her, I am learning about some of the fun of preparations for moving from a winter location as a full-timer. These are issues of brittle plastic piping, frozen black water, and other non-summery matters, as well as just the general effort of closing a well lived in motorhome back into gypsy portable.  
It is definitely a challenge I would be less inclined to invite.  As it is, I have developed a degree of settled in that will provide challenge enough during a spring move.  
It is amazing how, even in a mobile unit of occupancy, one can trench in and settle.  I look around and see a lot of battening down that will need doing before we can hit the trail come mid to late May.
There is one particular thing I have become very aware of.  She is in a motorhome, and can hear any upheavals  that twists, turns and bumps along the road can cause, and be instantly aware that stabilization is required.  We discussed the mixed blessing that this feature provides.
If a pull over location can't be found right away, it is something you can start to stress over while being unable to deal with it.  On the other hand (unfortunately first hand experience) with a Fifth Wheel, you are completely oblivious to the disaster of omitted securing processes, and can be several hours down the road before they are discovered. 
(For random example, a 32" old style heavy boxy tv falling out of its alcove onto the floor. This despite assurances by the dealership that it would be secure with a friction style tether strap . - Fortunately, the tv survived and the cabinet only mildly damaged by the passing through of said tv on its journey to test gravity - Proven again - Gravity IS the law....) but I digress...
We have decided, after watching our electricity metre spinning like a hamster on a stroll, that we would try heating only using the propane.  We have successfully aquired the 100 pound propane tank with multi-valve, and will see if is cheaper that way.  It definitely is easier on storage.  We do still have 2 parabolic heaters, and a small space heater if needed, but the oil-filled radiating ones didn't seem to work for us.  I know many who swear by them, so that is something you will have to see for yourself.  
I have learned to be confident in returning things that don't work for us.  At $80 per heater X 2, it is well worth it to return to the store and say that it isn't working for us. Most stores are reasonable about returns with receipt and proper packaging brought along.
Again, we will keep you posted on how well that billing is working for us....
Anyway, New Year's Eve is slipping away, so I will turn from you fine folk to my hubby, so Happy New Year, and..


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