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Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Day

Well, today has been a day of catch up.  I have shuffled the blog layout for about the 60th time and I think I am at a workable arrangement...At least for now.  
I sit in the laundry room waiting for sheets to dry, hoping that being closer to the wi-fi router might allow me to stay connected long enough to get this posted. There is a chair for sitting, and a plug for recharging the ever draining battery on my laptop.  (The charge would likely last longer except that I do like to see the display, so set the brightness high and drink up the juice rather thirstily.)
I have also ordered flowers for a friend for Christmas, & a subscription to a magazine for my Father-in-law's 94th birthday, looked into the previous post's mentioned seeking of propane tank, and still need to follow up about the fridge that seems to like soft serve ice cream (Currently, it stays firmer on the front step than the freezer...) and find out why my washing dryer is not inclined to the latter part of its description lately.  I suspect that it is getting a bit of cold back draft through its vent.  Since it is only a regular 110 plug, that might be taxing it a bit more than it can bear.  
I still have to vacuum and tidy the home, but have been successful in tracking down the storage containers that Raven (fellow blogger - see my related links) mentioned for CD/DVD storage.  I can now rest assured that I haven't got a collection of movies that are slowly crushing themselves into a very expensive set of slightly warped coffee coasters in the binders that they had previously been in.
I might even be inspired to a little baking of cookies, you never know. First, I need to wrap 2 gifts for the gift exchange the park is doing on Christmas day to accompany the potluck dinner.
Well, the dryer is done, the load is folded enough to clear the snow barriers that lie between me and my humble domicile, so off I go.



  1. When I start fulltiming I don't plan on being anywhere near SNOW or cold temperatures !!! hahaha

  2. We thought the same. Unfortunately, my usual saying applies - Life is what happens when you are busy making plans....LOL