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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back In Three Hills

We headed back today around 1 to ensure due hugs and byes were issued.

We stopped in Hanna for a bite, then boogied on down Highway 9. Just before we hit the big ditch which highway 9 travellers will be familiar (coolies for prairie folk) the heavy dark clouds started dumping their contents in Costco bulk volumes. A mark of heavy rain and wind is when you are going down an 8% grade hill, and you are watching the water on the road stream up hill.

That and high wipers not accomplishing an effective sweep of the windscreen, you just know that the attempts to end the drought are at least sincere on this day.

(And so the tangent is found.....)

I have actually been told by a lifer from the Palliser Triangle (during the thirties it was the drought triangle) that it is actually drier than it was in the thirties, but the improved farming practices have improved the moisture retention.

Apparently, according to his father, back then, the area still got heavy snowfalls, so that even on a low rain spring and summer, there was the melt that provided moisture. For years now, there is nearly no snow to supplement the lack of rain.

So for now, let it pour!!

Well, I start my training shift in an hour and a half. Wish me luck as I bid you


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