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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Settling Inn

Well, the untrained solo flight at the B shift (3 - 11) went well, and I am really getting the hang of my more predominant shift, the dreaded "graveyard" or Night Audit.

The duties fit me to a T, but I have never preferred the late hours. I am doing well with it though, as I am only picking up a couple shifts a week. It should at least be enough to cover pad fees, anyway.

We seem to be riding another random thought train, so bear with it. That's what comes from writing at 6 am, I suppose.. but I digress....

We continue to try to thin out the truck stock, and have had a nibble each on Mack, and Smokey, but they both backed away just when our hopes were lifting. (Both are good trucks, but 2 people really don't need 3 vehicles to drive, after all....) Mack would be a lease transfer, and Smokey would be an outright sale. I am actually favouring Mack's departure because even though I really like him, he brings a continual monthly hit that would not be missed. Now that Spirit is running well, he is redundant.

Some time in the near future, we hope to do a day trip to Sundre to visit another set of friends. I am still hoping that next year I can find a job as a camp host, but for now this is working out alright.

On the home front, Midnight is fully settled in and blended into the family, and Glory is getting a bit bolder about coming down the steps to see what the world holds. It is comforting though, to see that if anything spooks her, she immediately bolts for the stairs and door.

Anyway, my break is over, so I will bid you


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