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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Roving Acre Going in Circles

Let's do a quick recount:
  • We wintered in Oliver - 7 months - left May 18
  • Leaving Oliver, 2 days in Revelstoke (18 & 19), 1 in the Kananaskis (20)
  • Heading to Ken's father's place, 5 day stop in Three Hills visiting family (21 - 25)
  • Landed in Cereal for undetermined duration (26 - 30)
  • Prairie Bible College power plant explodes, early departure for Three Hills to bring genset to family (June 1)
  • Dash down to Bellevue originally to head to Nelson to borrow second genset from other daughter, but power crisis averted by connecting to main grid. Instead, to Bellevue to pick up Smokey and Camper to reunite components of Roving Acres (June 2 & 3)
  • Back to Three Hills for visit and regroup. (4-21)
  • Down to Bellevue for promised visit with local friend as all previous visits were Bed, breakfast, and Business. Time to actually say hello and sit down. ( 22- 29)
  • Back to Three Hills (30 - July 4)
  • Back to Cereal to see Ken's Dad (5 - 7)
Tomorrow we will return to Three Hills, which is now establishing itself as our summer home. We return so early because I have been offered a part time position at a local hotel to do night audits, and occasional afternoon shifts. That should satisfy our need for minor supplementing of income, and still provide the opportunity to explore on my off shifts. (Thanks to my unnamed champion of my employment search)

(oh, and BTW, July 12 - 15 Back to Bellevue to connect with the Oliver neighbours for a bit of a camp-out)

I don't know why, but for some reason, it seems we just keep going around in circles...... but I digress...

Still on the "to do" list:
  • Check in to Sundry to catch up with friends from Oliver (different ones than earlier mentioned)
  • Find some lake where we can wet the bottoms of the kayaks
  • Day trip to Banff
  • Check out Lake Louise
  • Explore unnamed mountains and streams
Ah, well another day, another post.

It is late, and I must prep for shifting to a different sleep cycle so I bid you


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