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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friends Revisited

I got off shift at 7am on Sunday morning and when I got in the door, decided that I just had to grab a quick nap before I could wrap my brain around hitch drills. Ken was not eager to get up yet anyway, so at 9:30 we got up and got started.

We got in to Bellevue around 4:30 and were immediately greeted by our dear former neighbours. It very quickly felt like we had never parted. If I were to caravan with anyone, they would be the ones!!

We arrived just as the roads were drying from what was apparently a significant dump of rain.

The next day, I came out and immediately invited my old walking buddy out for a stroll. It was sunny, but darker clouds hovered over Turtle Mountain. Since that is where the weather comes from, we figured we should go now or forget it.

And off we went, heading directly to my Bellevue girlfriend's house, and just as I guessed, the two got on like old friends.

Thunder, lightening and rain interrupted our sit on her patio, so we went in. We took a quick drive into Blairemore to let her sister's dogs in. They are well sheltered in their pens, but one doesn't think much of these types of storms.

We were then dropped off at the RV site, and my local friend headed off to appointments. Ken and I then returned to Frank and Blairemore to return bottles to the depot, and pick up some grocery and sundry before heading back. Since I needed to get milk, I also picked up a rotisserie chicken and some potato salad, and since the rain started to really take itself seriously, we called a matinee day. We made popcorn, cranked over the generator, and settled in for 3 movies, and had a wonderful dinner with dear friends.

Today we took a quick jog in to Pincher Creek to drop off some things to the storage locker, and grabbed a couple others. The weather held off until after we got back and unloaded. Then it decided to soak us down again.

Tomorrow we get haircuts, then head back in the late morning so I can be back to Three Hills in time to get ready for Thursday's 3 - 11 shift at the hotel. I would definitely say that in spite of the weather, it has been an awesome trip.

Now again, I bid you


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