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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Hurrah For the Park

Well, in spite of the temperatures dipping below normal again, the RV park declared today to be their send off for the snowbirds.  Most of us aren't moving on until at least May, but they decided do a steak barbeque in thanks to the guests that weathered the storms and cold.

So as an unexpected end to the event, they gave 2 awards for the greatest distance walked during the season.  They are mapping their way, trying to get to Florida, but because of unseasonably cool weather for the whole season, where last year they mapped a route to Mexico, we apparently are only as far as Missouri.  I digress...

So surprises of surprises, my walking buddy got first place, and I got second.  We are going to continue to register our distances, in vain hope of getting nearer to the goal.

Tomorrow I will spend the day prepping the home for a bachelor, and getting packed for my Friday departure to Vancouver.  

With that, I bid you



  1. Oh, the Canadian stereotype--a bunch of hardy souls dressed up in anoraks and tuques standing around a BBQ eating frozen (but cooked!) steak. LOL!

    I'm not surprised that you won a top prize for walking! Good for you!

    (Can't wait to see you! Safe travels!)

  2. Yes, but the scarves made it a bit of a bear to eat the meal. LOL

    (for outsiders, fear not - the actual consumption of the food was in the club house, we aren't that hardy) :-)

    I was surprised about second because the walking club started around November, and I only joined in January. I got an LED flameless scented candle for a prize. :-)

  3. ...and I will be delighted to get together with you next week too!!