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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Follow-up Report

The weather is redeeming itself, but we still have a lot of new as well as the residual old snow to thaw.  Today says it is a balmy 5.9 Celsius  at just shy of 10 am.

We have received the Wi-Fire device and will be reporting back about their functionality after using it for a spell.

The cheque is on its way from the dealership over the washer matter.

The RV Park is doing an upgrade on the system as they are aware of the unsatisfactory state of the offered free internet, and agree that it is unacceptable.  The upgrades will be in soon we are told, and we look forward to the improvements.  I do note too, that a lot of other parks that offer the service do charge a fee for its inclusion with the pad where theirs is complimentary.

I am off and running this morning, so for now I bid you,


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