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Friday, March 27, 2009

The New Addition

We are in the process of trying to replace the truck that pulls the Ark.  As a summer camp RV, the rig wouldn't be a problem, but when it has all that you own in it, it tends to be a lot heavier.  The truck we have handles it, but it is at its limit, so we are in the process of finding a duel axle Dodge.  One of our neighbours here keeps watching and telling us about anything on the roads that he sees that might interest us.

As a sideline, we had a seed planted that struck us very deeply.  Another full timer neighbour was mentioning at a social gathering, that they have a camper for the summer traveling.  They pointed out that although the big rig is portable, it isn't always convenient for more mobile explorations, and certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to site access.  They leave the big rig at a family farm, and when they are done tripping about, they pick their settling place, and move it there.

These 2 scenarios set the stage for this week's adventure.  The truck hunter saw a prospective option in Westbank near Kelowna, so for a day trip, we went up to look.  It turned out to be over-used, but while there we decide to look at campers. They are getting to be more and more deluxe, but at the same time, we were utterly shocked that some of the newer models run in the $40,000 range!!!

We asked the dealer about used options, and were surprised to see one 9' model in a much more acceptable range, and we got it for under $8,000 fully set up.

It is a very basic layout, and doesn't even have a microwave, but one of the features I really like is that the bed over the cab is what the dealer called "north-south" orientation.  I would be more inclined to say bow-stern, but I was raised by a navy man.


As a further sideline, we have found a potential truck that is just what we want.  We are in the process of seeing if a deal can be worked out.  - Not the one we went to see, but one on the site of the RV & truck dealer.  Stay tuned, but for now, I bid you ...



  1. Another possible use for the camper would be as a guest ark. Your boys would get a kick out of staying in it, I'm sure!