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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wi-fire Benefit Discovery

My husband and I both have laptops, and we have a networkable printer and external hard drive.  Because connecting to these devices is easier from a wireless approach instead of having LAN cables, we have a wireless router in our rig.  It has LAN cables to the printer and hard drive so the laptops can tag into the system wirelessly.

This worked well when we had a land based modem in the house for high speed internet, but when you are relying on an external wi-fi source for internet, it does create a bit of a bug.

We have had to choose one router or the other because we couldn't be online with one router and printing with the other.  It would only allow one connection at a time.

With the Wi-fire added to our equipment, I discovered this morning that I could connect the internal wi-fi receiver of the laptop to the rig's router to print, and still leave the wi-fire connected to the external wi-fi internet source.

I did find that the page connection was greatly reduced when on wi-fire alone, but it was still there.  When printing emails for example, we used to have to connect to the net, tell the email to print, disconnect from the net, connect to the internal router, let the document print, when it finishes (and no sooner or the print will be interupted), disconnect from the internal router, reconnect to the external net router, then resume surfing.

This time, I disconnected to print, and reconnected to the internal print router, but because the wi-fire was still connected, I thought I would try surfing.  As I said, it was slow, but it was nonetheless, able to navigate to a page or two while the printing completed.  I then reconnected the internal wi-fi receiver to the external net router and the speed returned.

It wasn't part of what I wished to accomplish with purchasing the Wi-Fire, but it has definitely been a bonus I appreciate.

So I am off and running again.  Not far, just town, but I will bid you,


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