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Monday, March 9, 2009

Poor Little Pup.

Voyage Critic # 1 is feeling a little down in the mouth today...

He was born with a defect of poorly aligned teeth. - Really poorly.

Because of this, he takes to extreme, a dog's skill of engulfing his food, and rarely puts more that 2 chomps to the most challenging of mouthfuls.

I usually wind up manually removing tartar from his teeth about every 3 months, and by then the scale build up is thicker than a toonie's thickness, and very yellow.  On an average dog, that kind of build up takes at least 2 - 3 years to accumulate.

Last week, I went about the fun of scraping it again, and discovered upon removing a particularly large chunk that at least one tooth was nearly absent in its presence. 

So today we dragged poor Max in for a professional cleaning and whatever shows itself as necessary dental appointment.

We picked up a fogged out little boy who is now 3 teeth short of a load, though the rest are bright and sparkly.

He now lies convalescing in Daddy's chair with a baby blanket over him, and a small, low setting heat pad below as he tries to shake the fog and waits for Daddy to come in for appropriate cuddles.  (No, we don't spoil our pets, why do you ask??)

It has made for a quiet day for me as I oversee his maintaining of calm.  Just as well as it is another day brimmed with arctic chill - by Okanagan standards.

So with that, I must attend my patient, and bid you,


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