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Friday, January 16, 2009


... some degree of conclusion to the washer saga is hoped for by Monday. We have decided to get the new washer tomorrow. We are tired of the disorder that accommodated the removal of the old machine, and the last word from Majestic is that they couldn't find a repairman here, and he was going to call the dealership to inform them first hand that Majestic didn't have a repairman available to me. (And as expected, didn't get around to it. I have been repeatedly told that someone would call me back, and 3 times it was I who initiated the calls. When I called the dealership, the Majestic fellow had apparently not tagged in.)

I have given the dealership the name and direct line of the fellow to whom I have been speaking and requested that they call him Monday, and then to call me so that we can discuss what the cost sharing arrangement will be.

I heard it said once, "Never accept no from someone who doesn't have the authority to grant you a yes." I believe it, and live it.

I am often challenged by the receiver of my issues that I am "the first one to complain about it" like somehow that negates my issue. This is not a valid argument, and don't ever accept it as relevant to any issue worth discussing.

Politeness is important, but firmness and strength is also required. Also remember that if you are discussing matters of ill taste for a business, and you are talking to a subordinate, that they are only the messenger of the policy. Keep them free of personal attack, and be clear that you know it is not them personally that you are frustrated with. Having been front line for many years, I can tell you that alienating the gate keeper gets you no where...I digress.

We will install the new machine over the weekend, and I will get from the dealership what I can later, but as my husband and I have agree, even if in 2 years we are right back where we are now with the new machine, at least with it, we know we can get parts. Not so with the Majestic.

It is my hope to close this matter and get on with the rest of life. Hopefully I will post on it one more time. So for now,


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