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Friday, January 30, 2009

Revelations... In wifi connecting

At times, I am called upon for assistance in the utilization of computers.  I am what is often referred to as a power user.  In non-computereze, that mean that I am a computer equivalent to a backyard mechanic. - no formal tech training, but have an aptitude and general understanding of how it runs "under the hood", both in hardward, and software.

On this particular day, my neighbours wanted to learn how to forward that spring-deer piece I posted yesterday.  (They are new to email, and wanted to go beyond the basic composition).  Once I demonstrated the process, we then moved on to discussions of other things that can be done in the ever-increasing rv pads that include hard line, or wifi access.

I have a skype account which allows me to have video calls with others I know that have skype as well.  (free to sign up) It allows me especially to keep in touch with my parents when they "fly south for the winter" because I don't have long distance US minutes.  I digress...

So my neighbours were curious what skype was, and for sake of ease, I just brought my laptop next door and launched it on the off chance that Mom was home.  She was, and they were appropriately impressed.  However, so was I.  The reception at their place - 30 feet from my own, was the clearest it has ever been.

At my own place, I often have voice and picture break-up and we now have figured it out.  We have always had on again off again service, and just figured it was the site's router letting us down.  That combine with my parents' sporadic connection, we just resigned to its status as sketchy at best.

So here is the key to good reception at wifi sites at rv parks - try to have a direct path between you and the building housing their router.  Our reception is encumbered by the fact that our absent neighbour's fairly large and tall 5th wheel is providing a signal block for our receiver.  A few feet make a phenomenal  difference.  Next door, reception is between 4 and 5 out of 5 bars.  Ours on a good day is 4, but most often, rides around 2 - 3.  Downloading can be slow.  We get as low as 1 - 50 kb/s and on rare occasions, can have as high as 300 - 400 kb/s.  

We are a bit slow, but now we can see if there is any way the park can compensate for the shortcoming.  I will let you know if there is any solution short of changing our site. (not practical - we are rather trenched in until moving day)

Anyway, dinner is required in the home, and it just isn't doing itself. (Dash it all!!)

And so I bid you,


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