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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tantalus In Charge!

Think back to your school days....Do you remember studying mythology?  I have a flashback to one lesson, a fellow being punished for some crime I forgot.  His punishment was to be placed where the aroma of fruit was overwhelming, but every time he reached for it, it would remain just out of reach......

The scene is now set for my scenario.  Since about a week before Christmas, Oliver's weather forecast has had a thawing trend looming in the close future. (about 3 - 4 days out)  Although we did have one day - New Year's Eve slightly above 0, the actual thaw has eluded us, and still remains at least a day out.

One does begin to wonder if one is walking around with a personal rain cloud after a while.   Before taking on the full-timer title, we had been living for 2 years on a farm in a tiny community in Alberta called Cereal.  (Half way between Calgary and Saskatoon - Population 200)

After living many years in Victoria, it was quite a change.  The summers were very hot, the winters very cold, and the wind nearly never stopped.  Yet while there, every season we arrived at, the local folks always said," This is very unusual weather" so in theory, after 2 years, we still had no idea what the weather was "usually" like,  but I digress...

To hold us over until the warming trend hits (in a day or so......) we are being given the weather channels now common occurrence, the Red Screen Of Death.  In computer circles, most users are familiar with the Blue Screen Of Death - the recovery from which lies in total system reboot. 

In the weather world, the Red Screen Of Death means hold still, and go no where.  We are again under snowfall warnings (and unfortunately, no reboot option available).  I think it hasn't left for more than a day for the last 3 weeks.  I suppose when the thaw comes, it will give the warmth a job worthy of its arrival.

Several of our site mates have headed for southern climes across the border.  I still stand by our choice though.  Looking nation wide, the weather all over Canada is no better, and short of crossing the 49th parallel, we could not have landed any better for a wintering spot.  Even Vancouver and Victoria had it worse - and without the proper equipment to clear the snow.

We are now fully prepared for hunkering down, and we look forward to the elusive warming trend.  With all the winter boots, coats, scarves, gloves, hats, long underwear, shovels, space in the rig is at a premium.  It will be nice to see bare asphalt again, and truth be told, I could really use a good walking regiment re-instated - the holidays did me now favours.  :-)

Anyway, the snow continues in preparation for a thaw out there in the realm of Tantalus.  Maybe tomorrow ....  But for now, 



  1. Come here! It's warm (no days below zero ahead!) and the rain did away with most of the snow! Heck, there's even an empty pad right next to mine! :-)

  2. Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition. Something about the affects of snow accumulation and leaks in the roof. It should provide lots of information. At least I hope so as Thursday is going to be rain...