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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts Out For A Meander...

Today is pleasant enough. The sun is out, but there is a thin veil of cloud preventing a full and proper blue to the sky. The temperature is hovering just above 0, my walking pal and I have finished the stroll, stretched out, and returned home. Amazingly enough, we are only on day 2 of the yoga, and are already bending a bit more than yesterday. I still find my belly is my biggest interference on some of my bending, but that should take care of itself if the program works as it should.

I am endeavoring to keep my boys' lives separate from my blog life in respect of their space and privacy, but I am gearing up to a spring get together, and can't help but say it will be truly wonderful to see them.

On other fronts, Ken is now lubing and prepping the generator, and I hear him attempting the first turn overs. (I haven't heard a full firing yet, so an holding my breath, and trying not to be obviously staring while whispering quite prayers). I have no doubt that it will fire and run well, but being its maiden run, the fluids must work in, and the familiarity with settings, chokes and what-have-you need to be given time.
SUCCESS!!! Yeah, I knew he could do it!! It sounds... well, like a generator... Not stunningly quiet, but then again, it is a diesel. At least it sounds no noisier than any of the other ones I have heard run on occasion. I am content, and Ken will putter some more. He likes outside business, which is why we have the utility trailer. It acts as a portable workshop, and although it is still quite cool, it is better than it has been for a couple months, and he is making the best of it.

It lets me get the housework done anyway. The new washing dryer does an awesome job. Today I ran my first load with an item that I had to remove before the dry cycle, so I set it to wash only. I have to say that the 1200 RPM spin out of the rinse does an awesome job on extracting excess moisture. Hung in the shower stall, it should be dry in no time. I quickly broke out the manual to figure out how to run a dry only cycle to complete the rest of the load. It was easy enough, I just set the wash dial to PermaPress dry, set the timer, and turned it back on. The book notes that on other dry settings (4 different wash types) it does a rinse first, so the Perma-press dry will go straight into the drying. It is happily spinning now.

I glanced over at the couch where I was hearing sounds of mischief, and apparently Voyage Critic II (Glory) had dug up some residue from the previous occupants of this home. They must have had a granddaughter visit, because extracted from under the bedroom slide, under the washing dryer compartment, she had retrieved the greatest treasure any cat could glean. A 3" plastic Polly Pocket-ish looking figurine with a kind of rubbery removable dress. She looks quite pleased with herself, and has packed it around quite a bit. Currently, she sits in her kennel, giving said dolly a motherly review, and repositioning. It is too cute, I have shot her. :-)
Sharing shot in 3,...2,....1.

So back in reality, the driver for the pick-up of the old washer is 20 minutes away, so shortly it shall drift into the oblivion of the forgotten past, replaced shortly with a cheque for appropriate compensation for the hassles and chaos that it provided in our life. (insert satisfying sigh) and all was good it the slightly chilled, but pleasantly bright valley known as Oliver.

The day has been satisfying enough to post. ...and I think that is just what I will do. :-)

And so to you weblanders, I bid you,


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