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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phenomenal Cosmic Power..In A Litty Bitty Living Space:-)

Long story short, we drove 9 hours from Oliver to Calgary, got a room, slept, woke, collected the generator, fueled up, picked up 2 other minor needs free of PST, then headed home - slightly longer than 9 hours.  

I am not sure what the cause was, but our estimated return home (8:30 pm) was delayed in the same location that was plagued around the end of October - start of November by a complete road closure North of Summerland, BC.  We had a long line of vehicles stopped by road crews for about 20 minutes or more just when we were beginning to taste closure to the arduous task.

Sideline to the trip - we got to witness an unusual phenomenon much akin to one mentioned in Travels With Miranda.  There was a strange blueness in the sky that I vaguely recall from some time long ago (about 5 - 6 weeks, best guess) and something resembling a large wattage bulb style light.  Apparently, it is shy and was frightened away by the mountains of Golden where it vanished behind the familiar gray-white covering that the sky has taken an unhealthy obsession with.  

I did manage to snap some "on the fly" shots through the rockies.  I will post some tomorrow.  There may be some window smirch on some shots, but we didn't have the time for a pull-over, so they literally were "on the fly" :-)  ... but I digress...

Secondary sideline - an oops discovered.  October was a very befuddled month, with the closure of the farm sale, transfer of our stored items, prepping for the road move, closing utilities, etc.  So naturally, when the plate stickers for the trucks needed renewing in the same month we apparently slipped up somewhere.  We did pay the renewal, and got the sticker placed on the one truck, but for some distracted reason, the completion of this complicated task was beyond our ability to duplicate for the second truck.  

Naturally, the vehicle to take on an 18 hour round trip through 2 provinces would NOT be the correctly tagged one, what would Murphy say!!  No, we were good toadies to our friend Murphy, and took the other one.  Fortunately, the officer took our word and the presence of the correct paperwork as enough, and let us off on that offense. (It was only 3 months past its marking, one can't rush these things!!)

Back at home the sticker still eludes us, so some time next week we will journey again into the Alberta region to replace the lost sticker.  

But after all, it does help to alleviate cabin fever.... ... .

The generator is still in its packing crate since we arrived as the weather dipped again and the concept of hanging out in the cold doesn't appeal to us right now.  It is safe, secure, and not going anywhere easily by any would-be acquirer of unattended items.

We are quite pleased with our new addition, and look forward to a much more satisfying prospect in any future dry camp outings.

Well, time for me to bid you...


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