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Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Other News..

Quickly, the new machine is in and running.  1200 RMP spin cycle instead of 900 on the old machine, I think the drum is slightly larger, and it states a usage of 176 Kwh/year based on 8 loads a week.  So based on 8.03 cents per Kwh, they say it would cost $15 per year to run it. That is the sticker claim.  If it is accurate, I think it is worth its investment.(Keep in mind that the 8 loads listed are only about 4-6 pounds of dry laundry.)  If the dealership coughs up any contribution to the replacement machine, I will let you know.  Otherwise, let's bury the matter.

New topic - I'm guessing that if you are tagging in regularly, you might be tiring of the washer issue - I sure am!!  :-)

We have seen the sun once in the last 2 and perhaps 3 weeks.  The temperature hovers just under or just over the 0 C or 32 F.  Nonetheless, my friend next door and I have on all but 2 days in the last 2 weeks walked 4 - 5 miles daily.  It is nice to break up the cabin fever and try to lighten the Christmas add-ons.  We had a route that took us along some lesser roads of Oliver, but we changed our route yesterday to try a local foot path.  I think it is part of the Trans-Canada Trail as it wanders up near Vaseau Lake, and down to the northern head of Osoyoos Lake.  (a significant mileage that we might brave on an extremely adventurous day when the snow is melted,the temperature warms, ....... and when a possible pick up on the end of the route might be coerced with a phone call)  It meanders alongside the channel, so is a picturesque stroll.

On the to do list is revisiting the Model Train Museum in Osoyoos, and take a first trip to the Observatory just north of Okanagan Falls.

I'm off to cook a roast - fairly adventurous for me in modern times, but it should be a nice change of pace.

So I bid you,


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