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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Awash In Chaos..

Well, we went to Penticton to pick up a new washer for the gaping cavity in our rig. (the laundry is minorly behind, but $4 in coin should cure it tomorrow... but I digress...)

What transpired in Penticton was at least hopeful, though a bit delaying. We went to an RV dealership that we have come to trust with various requirements.

They told us that they had a Splendide washing dryer on hand, (and they did) but as we discussed the purchase and the problems leading to its necessity, he brought us to their installation expert to discuss it and consult with us on our plan of attack. He let us know that the set up (as per my digital camera display) was acceptable and should work. (It was somewhat of a relief, considering we were looking at cutting another hole in the rig and then trying to cover the old one.)

As we were preparing to finalize the purchase of the new machine, the gentleman we were speaking to came away from the phone and handed us a card with a contact number. He was trying to save us buying a second new machine by giving us "one last ditched effort to save the other machine".

The number was a direct line to a person at Majestic in the technical assistance department. We danced a bit with a couple gents there (I had spoken a couple months earlier with someone else with minimal affect). The long and the short of it was that they were going to give us any parts at 15% off, and would call us back (when the computer came back online) with the closest repair agent in our area.

As I had already covered the yellow pages unsuccessfully to find an appliance repair company, I accepted the wait time to see what the repair person would do - especially since I am still duking it out with the selling dealership over them accepting the responsibility of some of the cost. They will be more willing to partake of a repair cost than a replacement.

So I sit again waiting out my options coming to some form of fruition...

With any luck, we might be able to repair the Majestic after all. (Though I am not holding my breath, I figure, what the heck - it couldn't hurt, and the coin laundry is handy enough to buy some time in experimentation...)

By the way, the Majestic tech informed me that I should be vacuuming the dryer hose through the outside vent every month or so .... It would have been nice if someone had mentioned that sooner, don't you think???

Please stay tuned as the saga continues ..... :-)

But for now,


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  1. Yikes! What a mess!

    I'm probably in the 'buy another machine' camp. It was such a pain to get this one out that you might as well start fresh....

    There are so many little maintenance things that 'those who know' take for granted, aren't there?

    (Laundry here is just 1$ each for a wash and dry *g*)

  2. We are still waiting for a call back when the directory is working again. (I spoke to the Majestic guy this morning). He is going to try again, and if he can't get on, he says he will call my dealership and tell them from Majestic directly that it can't be done. Hopefully then the turkeys will cough up for a share of a new one. I too would prefer to start fresh!