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Friday, January 9, 2009

What Do You Get When...?

... you have a ton of snow, a one day thaw, and then freezing the next day??

That would be a skating rink - in this case, on a slope - just to make things interesting.

So yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, and sunny.  I went with a friend for a really long walk (pedometer says 9500 steps), then went out to clear the snow as the melt was making it more movable.  Neighbours questioned the logic, saying it will melt on its own you know...  

And then the mercury dipped during the night (a few spills resulted from people returning from games night at the club house) and the entire complex is nearly completely covered in black ice.  Fortunately, as I shoveled the snow, I also dug a trench into the roadway in so that the water would at least run off my driveway.  

This morning, my friend and I did go for the same walk today, but there were road patches where, short of the very middle of the lane or the tire tread space, there was no traction at all.  I think we added 15 minutes to the time it took to the walk circuit ....  but I digress ...

I then braved carrying a large arm load of laundry up the slippery slope to the on site laundrymat to get caught up.  ....  Which leads to my next matter of consideration.

A post or so ago, I mentioned washers, dryers, and combination machines.  I also mentioned that though many disagree, I prefer the all in one.  This opinion remains the same, however, I am noting that in Canada, there are apparently 2 main producers of these machines.  One I am told is a good option (Splendide) within their capabilities. The other, through the mistake of again trusting the dealership to make a wise decision for us, we discovered to be a very less favourable option.  (Majestic)

There are lemons in every product, no matter how reputed the item in question is.  The problem with the one we were provided in our purchase of the rig is that it did defect on us, but even though we have used it only 3 months, we have owned it for more than a year so - the warranty expired.  We attempted to find a repairer, but no one can get parts. The Splendide has a reasonable reputation, but more importantly, parts are readily available, so warranty, or not, it can be repaired.

So off we go, and we will be picking one up in the next couple days. - Hopefully at least half covered by the dealership.  

(& BTW, the proper repair of the roof will wait for proper drying of the underneath components.  the temp is holding well)  :-)

So that is my world at this time, I bid you...


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