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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Since the New Year, my neighbour and I have gone for daily walks with only a few exceptions.  Today was one.  The temperature was a cool -6 and the sun was out for the second in 3 days.  We are sturdy, and not easily detoured, but the wind was brisk, and the bite in it was just beyond our range of tolerance.

Tomorrow is supposed to match today, and I think we are going to brave it this time, but in an abridged form.  Fortunately, due to the necessity of catalog shopping when living in the isolation of Cereal Alberta, I discovered Sears carried (in men's only of course) a line of thick denim jeans that were lined with polar fleece.  My husband and I each have some, and they are wonderful when the weather refuses to be snowbird friendly.  When I forget to wear them, I return home with legs that are numb with cold.  When I do wear them, I fair much better.

I continue to be extremely please with the new washing dryer.  I still have a final verbal duel to endure with the dealership, but whatever they do decide to contribute will now just icing the cake.

We are waiting until about Wednesday (predicted to actually break the + temperature range) to remove and uncrate the new generator, as we really don't want to play in the cold.

It is not overly pleasant to deal with the drop in temperature again, but I have to say, seeing the sun again has an undeniable uplifting affect.  I just want to be able to go out in it!!  Oh, and we have a bit of snow forecasted.  Apparently the current stale stash of it (which, apparently up until now, never lingers more than a couple days, or a week at the most - but hasn't left for over a month...) needs to be freshened.

Well, enough for tonight, I bid you,


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