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Friday, January 2, 2009

Break In The Weather

We are having a reprieve from constant snow, and the temperature, although not in the positive integers yet, is acceptable enough with the sun to allow for a decent walk.  Now back at the roost, it seems to be warm enough under the rays to allow for the sound of snow chunks and such breaking off the structure.  It is a reassuring sound, to be sure.  For now, I can humour myself into thinking it is spring thaw.  The weather network negates that illusion, but I can dream.....

So a matter of consideration that is on my mind right now is an appliance of great value to a full-timer - a washing machine, dryer, or combination machine.  Apparently, the RV industry, or at least the representatives I have spoken to, are leaning toward the installation of 2 separate machines.  Apparently there is a lot of dissatisfaction by owners with the washing driers.  For my part, I have a washing drier, and (although I am debugging it right now and am looking forward to correction) am very happy with it.  The problem with both is that you loose yet again more storage when you have 2 machines. 
The main complain people have with the single machine is that the clothes come out too wrinkly, and it takes too long to run a load.  Although I understand the argument, I still prefer it.  (For one thing, I am not fussy enough to care about a couple wrinkles - I live in an RV - if it matters that much, get an iron, or find a dry cleaner.)  

With being only 2 people, I have no problem keeping up with the laundry doing it every day or 2.  If I start the load at the start of the day and just ignore it until later in the afternoon or evening, what do I care if it takes 3 hours to do a load?  It isn't like I have to hang around to remember to transfer it to the next machine.  Also, since it is a small compartment, putting the load away takes 5 minutes, taking your time.

The machine can only hold about 4-6 pounds of dry material, depending on how much water it absorbs, but it is enough to do as much as a set of sheets, 1 winter outfit (jeans, cotton long sleeve shirt and under garments) or that level of load, but I don't have that much in my wardrobe anyway, and to save up enough laundry to run a $2 wash + $2 dry (which is usually damp at the end) I would nearly be going in my bathrobe.

All in all, for our money, I am content with sacrificing enough storage for 1 machine, and settling for the convenience of having my own facility.  The thought of running to a laundromat or sink scrubbing is just not in my ken.  My friend has a device that rather reminds me of a lettuce spinner.  It is a practical alternative for a single person in a much smaller space.  However for my situation, it is too little for 2 people, and takes up too much space for me when I am more likely for the time and effort to just run my machine.  Also, it is only a 110 V plug, so not to thirsty on the power bill.

Anyway, I hear the call of the kitchen (lunch time), so I will bid you...


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