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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wi-fi Woes

As a full time RVer, one of the ongoing issues we contend with is obtaining internet access.  You can purchase a portable dish and pay a monthly fee of larger than normal persuasion for high speed internet, but unless you are likely to do a lot of shunpiking / boondocking, it is getting more and more likely that the sites you go to will have internet by wi-fi.  

Furthermore, even when the campsite itself is without the service, most towns have one or two "hot spots" - unsecured wireless access points for public use.

I am not a person who enjoys redundancy in services, and would be hard pressed to put out the thousands it takes to set up an expensive monthly service that duplicates itself in so many sites, and is not easily transferred if you switch rigs.

I currently am in a site that provides wi-fi with the pad fee, but we have had sporadic reception, and most times, it wavers around 2 - 3 bars at best out of 5 for strength of signal.  The fact that there are several rigs between us and the office where the router resides, contributes to the problem.  The park themselves have lost several days of service due to "technical difficulties" as well.

We have looked at a few options to assist the problem.  We have now ordered an item called a wi-fire and it should be here soon.  In short it is a signal boosting device so you can pick up more local signals, or boost the ones you already receive.

When it arrives, I will see how it works and let you know.  I like the idea of it as it is a one time expense, and in theory, will give better strength reception to signals in your area.  It is also small, and connects by USB to your computer, and either clips on it, or sits nearby.  

I am hopeful, and looking forward to better connections in the near future.  Cross your fingers, and say a prayer.  :-)  But until then, I bid you....


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