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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We are back from Nelson, BC and had a great visit with Ken's daughter and her 3 kids.  The renovations went well, and the weather, although it started with a significant dump of snow, was relatively warm, and sunny.  In all, it was a fantastic set of days.

One of our goals while we were in Nelson was to pick up a couple of single seat kayaks.   I have used kayaks before, and I find them far more comfortable, and maneuverable than canoes.  Also, we chose 2 singles over a tandem so that we can putter around more independently.  We have been looking into it for the last year and a half, and we got the Necky Manitou Sport.  The reason we chose this model is for a few reasons:
  1. They are relatively inexpensive as kayaks go
  2. They are sturdy and stable in design
  3. By kayak standards, they are relatively short (for portability)
Some people prefer the type you sit on, but I feel they are less stable.  To me, they look top heavy.

As for the timing, anyone will tell you that the off season is the right time to buy any major purchase, and these ones were listed at $799 each.  When we were looking at the end of the season, back in October, they were down to $650.  Today, we picked them up for $500 each.  

We still had to get the paddles and lifejackets.  You can pick up a paddle at the local Canadian hardware store known for its own currency.  They run around $25, but I don't recommend that option.  The ones we got were significantly more, but to some degree, you do get what you pay for.  Ours are made of a lighter material for the shaft.  The blades are still a plastic though.  You can pay up to and even over $500.  We settled on a $150 model, but again, got a discount, so payed about $110 for them.  

As for the lifejackets, again, there is a lot of variety of in options.  We chose ones that are more tailored to kayakers.  They are less bulky, but still very buoyant.  The key it to find one that fits snugly, but allows you to paddle without feeling like the Michelin Man provided your arm movement.

So tune in next spring / summer and we will let you know how the kayaking adventures go.  :-)

But for now, I bid you...


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