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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wi-fi Woes II - the sequel.

If you are a follower of my posts, welcome back. I have been absent several days due an acute recurrence of wi-fi woes. As the remedy I will be attempting to use has not yet crossed the border, the suffering continues. I look forward to its arrival with great anticipation.

I'm not sure, however, if it would assist in this recent infection. The connection was shaky last week, and after a brief login on Friday morning, we dashed off to Penticton again for an appointment for the truck the local Dodge dealership. We weren't concerned, as we would tend to any emails and make a posting on the blog once we got home....... (is that a suspense filled music I hear in the background??)

So we returned in time for a late supper, and then we set about completing the morning efforts of following up on emails and such things.... you know, the usual, banking, checking on progress of online orders, perhaps skyping family and friends, and of course, updating the immense gathering of online readers who are chewing their nails in eager anticipation of the next episode of that riveting series, "Life On Our Ark". (Okay, slight exaggeration, but we will get there!!) :-) .....I digress.

We tried connecting...............

Eh hem..... I said, we tried connecting.....

Hello... (you get the picture) It is after 6 pm on Friday night. The last time the service went down on Friday night, it lasted the whole weekend, so I called the host at her rig to see what was up. ... And by an amazing coincidence, we were again down for the weekend. Apparently, we were waiting for a part to come in, but the tech was unavailable until Monday as he doesn't work weekends. A true professional, to be sure...

So Monday approaches with a pace that resembled reverse. When they finally got a hold of him, he said that the part came in on Friday, and that he would be along shortly to install it. I think it was close to 3 pm when he got there, 3:30 before it was confirmed to be running, and after all that, it is now an unsecured site where before the had added security. I believe that they are planning to correct that part of the matter today as the lady at the desk was displeased when I notified her of the difference.

Although we are provided the service for free, it is advertised as a feature of the site. It is also one of 2 reasons I picked the location. (50 amp power and internet being the biggest lures to choosing them over all the other options in the South Okanagan.)

So at some point today I hope to discuss with the manager what can be done about it, as it has now been over several whole weekends, and many individual days that we have experienced these outages, and I hope that they would find some way to compensate.

So the battle cry is heard again over the sunny valley (but hey, the sun is a positive...),"Charge!!!!!" or should I say, "reduce charge!!" As always, I will keep you posted on the outcome.....

But for now, I bid you....


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