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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Things You Miss...

This is a thought I meant to post about a week ago, but unfortunately due to a net connection failing which could not be foreseen..... I was a bit distracted..... (but I digress.....)

As mentioned in an earlier post, my neighbour and I have been going out for a morning walk. We started just after New Year - though we haven't called it an act of "resolution" as that would condemn the venture as unworthy to continue beyond the first week.

We originally took a Westward direction, and looped about on a 4 mile route, but we have since redirected our sojourn such that it excluded as much sidewalk-less roads as possible. We now walk along the walk/cycle route beside the river. We have done this now, continuously since early January.

Funny thing, about a week and a half ago I was walking with Ken as my regular pal was entertaining out of town guests. Ken and I walked the same route that she and I had walked for weeks.....

So can you explain to me how we missed these two shots below??? (The shots were taken a couple days later when I remembered the camera)

This is just off the path to the west, and the second is a closer up shot. The first shot shows that there is almost no support from the tree next to it, and the second shot shows how little is holding it from below.

I have to say, that must be the hardest of hardwood I have ever seen. There can't be more than 3 inches of wood left to hold the tree up, yet it continues to be standing. (Today we noted that it looks like the "worker" had resumed duties recently as the grayed out trunk wood had some fresher looking wood and chips about it.)

This is another trunk (along the bank near center on this side of the river) that apparently, the parks workers decided to take down on their own before the beaver could finish the contract.

Now this next shot came about as we expanded our route beyond the end of the paved route, and further out onto the still under construction portion of the route. Again, we had walked the path a couple times before this sight jump up at us.........

I am really curious how in the middle of winter in the middle of the Okanagan, one can walk past an area 4 of 5 times, and completely miss a couple of giraffes standing in the field.....

As I ponder these quandries, I will bid you...

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  1. I burst out laughing when I saw the second picture. WHAT! You must find out the story behind those two! LOL!

  2. First off, I discovered that they are wooden cut outs, and the yard that they are standing looks like the owners are into creative yard decorating. It is well off the road, so not in the straight line of viewing from the highway.

    The other day, Nola and I were strolling and chatting and next thing we new, we were out by the gas station with the u-haul trailers heading toward Gallagher Lake. The round trip gave us 14 k on the pedometer. We were a bit surprised to say the least. :-)