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Friday, February 20, 2009

Thaws About Spring..

We have had several nice days, and the lingering snow is slowly fading. We still get the dips at night, and the days are not yet double digit, but it is a vast improvement over the past few weeks.

We are starting to work on early bird tweakings on the rig. Ken is able to be out in the workshop trailer more, and longer, so it helps him to feel productive.

It is still too early to finish repatching the roof as we would like it to be warmer so the stick holds better. We are taking some more things to storage, and giving other things to family. I am getting ready to crate the winter gear soon to also land in storage.

I am continuing to thin the clutter and restore order to the interior. - What is it about horizontal surfaces?? Just because they exist, doesn't mean they must be buried!!

The DVD collection has built somewhat over the winter, so I am doing a complete resort on the file system. At the advice of a fellow RV full timer, I switched my storage system from binders to these neat little storage crates.

These are awesome units that hold 200 disks each, and unlike the binder system, they don't put undue stress, pressure, or weight on the disks.

I have 3 of them, but as mentioned, the additions have made the organization less user friendly to my hubby. I have them on a directory that I print out and keep on the DVD player.

As for the winter goals and objectives, we have done fairly well. Remember, we are still considered rookies in this full timing process, and we had a lot of things still needed when we landed here. Since we arrived in Oliver we have:

  • Picked up a couple moped style scooters for effective puttering on sites.
  • Bought a diesel generator for when we are dry camping.
  • Picked up a couple kayaks for water puttering.
  • Ken has now wired the utility trailer so that you can plug in at RV sites and putter as he sees fit
  • Purchased a 100 pound propane cylinder with multi-valve so refueling can be done at the auto-propane sites at half the cost of weighed barbecue cylinder refuel locations
  • Purchased skirting for the trailer to reduce heat loss when setting up for extended times
  • Purchased a digital picture frame so our photo gallery can be as extensive as we please while still taking only one small space on the wall.
  • Replace the washing dryer so that laundry can be done whenever we need to.
I think that is all at this time, but we are also tweaking the thinning down we have done as we kept some things in the utility trailer that we no longer require, and some things are also being thinned out of the storage facility.

I had been using a small chest freezer stored under the nose of the rig, but have now chosen to give it up too. We are very close to facilities here, and even if we find ourselves more remotely placed on some of our explorations, I won't be able to tow it with me anyway, so I might as well get used to its absense.

I am amazed, however how easily one can find ones self trenched into a site. If we were to decide to pull out, it would take me a couple days to figure out how to compact and stabilize the contents for movement.

That is actually part of my spring cleaning that I am undertaking. The more I take care of now, the less I will struggle with come time to move along.

And so the clutter calls, and I bid you...



  1. Soon as I knew for sure I would end up spending a total of four months here, I went around the rig and made it nearly road ready! I don't ever want to make the mistake again of getting to entrenched somewhere.

    Seems like you're both settling in well. Ain't this life great?! :)

  2. I do like the life for sure. I am also starting to count the days to the Vancouver trip too. :-)

    I It is looking much better now. A bit to do yet, but I can see light.

    We are indeed doing well.