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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trained professionals

The internet was down again until about 2:30, so we decided to get away from the frustration of the ever failing services.

Earlier this year, we went with a tour group from the RV park to take in the Desert Model Railroad. Their work is true devotion to a craft (and a source for this post's pun)
When we went the last time, there were lots of people there, and so it was harder to take it all in. This time, we were there with only 5 other people present, and we could take our time and take some time to get the shots we wanted.

The owners have been working on this set for 8 years, and have about another 3 years worth to complete this project. It runs through a lighting cycle that replicates night and day, and there are multiple trains running through the scenery, as well as a few spots where cars run on magnetic roads.

The intricacy of their work is amazing. You can go to this place many times and see something new each time. This is one place that I consider a must see if you come to this region. I'm sure that their posted pictures on the web page are fabulous, but I am also posting 4 of my own shots, as well as linking you to my web album of the day's adventures. I hope you enjoy them.

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