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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Out In Penticton

We went to Penticton again today, but this time, we actually took time out to look around. A novel idea that we are hoping to incorporate in our wanderings far more often in days to come. On this particular day, we took time to notice the South side of Penticton, where the lake is, and just across from the airport.

It is a pretty scene, but the thing that one misses, not being a long time resident, is that the lake is frozen over, and you can see how the freeze / thaw is having its affect on the ice and snow build-up on the shore. The locals keep telling us how they get little snow, and it usually clears off within a day or two.

This year the snow arrived on Dec 12, and has not fully cleared, even yet. I therefore don't expect you would see this kind of photographic opportunity present itself too often. I am tacking in four specific shots, but they all are kind of neat, so please also click the link to my Picasa album.

This is looking East toward the breakwater although I think the breakwater is too far off to be visible.

This is looking South toward Okanagan Falls. Note how the snow packs have been undercut by the water movement. When the water is free of ice, it actually can be very rough on windy days.

Look closely at this one. There is a branch that has a snowy web of crystals below it. It is very close to the rocks on the right. (Not the vertical stick which is more obvious, but slightly down and to the right) When you go to the Picasa album, there is a sideways shot across the rocks - it actually has 3 or 4 of these types of branch / crystal formations.

This one seems to be a sink hole of some sort along the shore. I couldn't get close to it to look in as the snow pack in front of it is unstable, but I did take a couple shots closer up by zoom and holding the camera over my head. They are in the album.

So with these rather interesting shots in your possession, I now bid you,

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