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Friday, April 3, 2009

... And Life Continues...

The day directly following Max's passing we had to slip into gear, and pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary.  It was challenging, but in a way, it delayed the immediate affect of the hole he left.

We had it arranged that we would be going to Bellevue to file taxes, drop off some unneededs and pick up some neededs.  In all, we were gone from Monday to Friday, and when we go on such trips, we have found a wonderful kennel where we were always comfortable leaving Max. This provided the illusion that we would simply return home, pick him up and life would be back to normal.

We arrived home today and the fence was down, and the excited greeter was absent....

The trip went well.  We went to Nelson and visited Ken's daughter and her kids for a night, then went on to deal with the main business in Alberta for the next 2 nights.  Then we stopped again on the way home, and came home today.  We has sun, rain, snow, blizzards, and in general, a full mixed bag of weather.  Spring is trying to break through, but Winter is still fighting it off in the south provincial border area.

Back in Oliver, it seems that the day at least has been in the above 0 zone.  It is anticipated highly that we will see the tail end of night slippage below 0.  You can tell that it is getting close to snowbird departure time.  We are slowly saying goodbye to the hardy folks that we spent the winter with.

It is interesting to observe, especially to those considering this lifestyle, that we have become closer to a lot of the people we have met in this 6 month period than we had to a lot of neighbours in previous fixed addresses.  This is a common occurrence, I have found.  Even in relatively short landings can create connections that last a lifetime. - especially in the cyber age.

Anyway, I have more to put away from the journey, so I will bid you,


Back here, 


  1. "Even in relatively short landings can create connections that last a lifetime. - especially in the cyber age."

    I'm still touched that tears were shed when we saw each other last. :) *Hugs*!

  2. And I hope we wander into each other again. :-)

    But for now, cyberland makes it not so far.