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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Has Sprung...Yeah!!!

I have experienced for the first time in months, the ability to go for a simple walk wearing a light shell jacket (which is tied around my waist by the end of the walk) and the sun is brightly shining.  Our temperatures are at or around the 20 degree mark in the daytime.  

In honour of this fantastic change, we have now started the process of detrenching, and organizing for departure.  We are down to only a few of the hardy folks who weathered Oliver's worst winter in 50 years, according to the locals.

Among the tasks we are dealing with, Ken and a local pal spent the last 4 days trying to straighten out the confusing maze of messed up wiring on the truck that tows the utility trailer.  It is now reassembled.

Meanwhile, I finally was able to patch the roof tear - an extremely quick and simple matter, but due to the cold and wet of winter, had to be duct taped until the weather was more accommodating.

I also discovered an untended minor leak in the pipes connecting the washing machine.  It simply required tightening a screw on the hose clamp, but as it was undiscovered for a fair while, the entire basement of the rig had to be emptied, and dried, not to mention drying out the contents that were in contact with the floor....  The drying took 2 full days.  Tomorrow I will be putting the last of the contents back in.

We are also sorting out so that we have a tool kit in each truck, and each rig so that we can deal with any repairs that may be needed when away from the tool trailer.  

In general I intend to have both the camper, and the 5th wheel set up so that things don't have to be transferred back and forth, allowing for less forgotten items when going from the "home" to the "cottage" and back.

The biggest push on getting this done is that in theory, we pull out on or around May 1, and we have to reinstate a mobility that we had only just started when we set out for Oliver back in October.  You might say that the newly learned is already rusty and needing renewing.

But we will get there......

So we prepare for another day of sorting ..... Perhaps this is a good time to introduce a new set of 2 e-books a friend of mine has just launched, "Sorting It Out" and "Sort It Out" about getting organized.  It definitely has some ideas and resources I will be looking into. (Thanks Rae)

So with that I will bid you,


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