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Monday, April 27, 2009

Overhaulin' The Duelly

It was a decent day, but the wind still had a bit of a bite.

Spirit went in today for his tweaking.  He is getting a chip, a deeper transmission pan, a bigger breather, and pipes, and an engine exhaust brake as well as the appropriate associated gauges.  It should accomplish adding an extra 100 hp for the uphill pull, and better control for slowing on the downhills.

We also dropped the washer off at the RV shop for final assessment of the malfunction, and decision on the resulting corrective measure.

I also bought some plastic sheets and bungees to cover the kayaks so that they don't become waterlogged in the rain.

The only other accomplishment for the day was that Glory took herself to the bathroom and had a successful deposit in the appropriate receptacle.  I feel safe in trusting her to find the right place and right time now which brings both of us relief.  :-)

With that success behind us, I bid you,


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