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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures, as requested - Thanks Raven :-)

In the comment of my last post, a dear friend inquired about pictures of the new truck (which has been dubbed everything from Whitey - yuck!! discouraging this one!!! , The White Knight  - better, but a bit wordy... and Spirit - my personal preference, base on the Spirit Bear of BC.  It is a white subspecies of black bear found on the west coast of BC, and to me, represents Power and Strength. )  Anyway, whatever the name, here Spirit is :-)   :

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It has also been too windy for me to undertake the repair of the gelcoat on the nose, but I will take before and after shots of it when I do.

I have another shot I plan to take shortly.  For those tagging along on my journey, you will remember my comments about my walk route, and how we suddenly saw thinks that had been there a while.  Walking by the beaver tree the other day, it amazingly enough is in full bud!!

I have one further thought I figured I should mention before I forget.  Again, thanks to Raven, and the fact that I have thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of in- suite laundry, I picked up by online order, 2 devices for the "cottage" (a 9' camper to galavant more freely in the summer months).  We got a wonder washer, and a counter top spin dryer, and I just tested them out today on my sheets.  They are both fast and efficient, and although a bit big, they are comparably smaller that any other options, and it keeps me able to do my laundry without dashing off to Laundromats.  One heads up though, the shipping cost was a bit of a shocker.  Get a quote before you commit, as you need to be aware.  It does arrive with exceptional speed though - about a week, even from the states.

So with all that, I bid you,  



  1. Ooh, you're now one of those people whose truck matches the rig, LOL! Very nice! I like the white knight, but I'm a Batman freak, so... :) Spirit works very nicely and if that's the name that came to you, it's surely the right one!

    I'm still cannot look at that pic of the giraffes without laughing. Do you know anything about them???

    So glad you're enjoying the WonderWash! I think I'm going to invest in a spin dryer, too!

    I store dirty dish and wash cloths in my Wonderwash. Once a week, I had hot water, soap, and a bit of bleach, and voila! Clean towels. Sure beats having them mingle with the clothes in the general-duty laundry hamper.

  2. Geez!! For some reason, I never got the notification on this comment.

    I never did find out anymore about the giraffes, and now the access to them is fenced with a 5 foot wire with barbed wire top on it. Not sure why you would have them up if you didn't expect people to curiously look into it.....

    The spin dryer is awesome, just like the washer. It takes away the drudgery of the wringing and adds speed to the air drying. It is a bit bigger than the wonder washer though, a tiny bit taller, mostly, but if it will fit in the Cottage, surely it will fit Miranda. LOL