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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fête-Accompli :-)

The duelly is now back and is breathing more deeply, and purring beautifully on the down hills :-)  There are 3 new gauges on the dash, and we have stop and go power to suite our needs, brought to us by Bling Performance of Penticton, BC.  

We do have to fix a couple engine issues, but being 8 years old, you can expect a couple minor repairs, and we are grateful that the upgrades revealed them.  So now we have a loose, but not yet unsafe ball joint, and a small leak in the torque converter.  We did get a 1 year comprehensive warranty with the truck, but it apparently applies to road-side incidents.  The sales fellows where we bought the truck are going to try to go to bat for us with the warranty company.

The main argument will be that if it comes to a roadside emergency, the damage would likely require greater expense on their behalf.  (Not to mention if it causes an accident the bill could go much higher....)

As an added bonus, the installers of the tweaks also transferred our slip tank from Mack to Spirit.  That was definitely an appreciated gesture as it is not the lightest of fuel containers.... It holds about 265 Litres or close to 60 US gallons - a bit weighty, you might say.

We are very please to note that even with the tank in the box, we still have room for the new genset to also go in front of the 5th wheel hitch, so some of our ongoing space versus "needs"  issues are being taken care of.

(Caution, woman at the keyboard - subjects may change with little warning!  Be prepared for sudden redirection of thought train......)

On that front..........

 We are getting better at thinning.  This has been partially due to setting up the "Cottage" with things I was sure I would need in the rig, but haven't touched here.  One example is a 6 quart corningware dutch oven that I have had in the cupboards of the 5th wheel.  I used it a lot at the house, but I have a really nice pyrex oval casserole / cake pan that works very well and is versatile, and I have favoured it in baking.  

I also have accepted that the fridge and freezer that I have in either rig or camper is all I will have, so I have dispensed with the chest freezer I had under the nose.  Ken has thinned his tools somewhat, distributing the unneeded to family who might have better use for such things.

We also put the winter weight items in storage (and hopefully never to be seen again.... did I mention we will try Arizona next year?? I digress....)

I have managed to get the living room in order, and am moving on to the kitchen tomorrow.  

I have always liked the scooters, but we didn't get much opportunity to enjoy them before that dreaded four letter atrocious precipitants took hold (snow).  Now, Ken is getting the hang of them, and we are really going to enjoy them this summer.

Now, if we can find a gap in our plans on a good weather day, perhaps we can launch the kayaks.....

So on that happy thought, I bid you,


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