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Saturday, May 2, 2009

May In The Okanagan

The day could not possibly have started more beautifully.  The sun was shining and the temperature was toasty enough for the second day in a row in shorts.  :-)  Not only that, but on my walk, I saw the season's first swimmers.

I also am enjoying seeing foliage on the trees I have been walking past for months now.  

Over the last few days it has been a joy to be in the area.  Here are some more shots from my walks.  This evening has brought on some active rains, but it is quite welcome this time of day.

We have also succeeded in getting the 400 pound diesel genset into the back of Spirit between the fuel tank and the hitch.  That takes a load off the tasks yet to complete before departure!!

As an added piece of entertainment, I am including a shot of the new gauges for the  new turbo charger, the transmission temperate and the pyrometer for the manifold.

And this is the shot of the air breather.  Boy, can Spirit ever take deep breaths now!!

Now Ken is focusing on organizing the utility trailer, tying its contents down for journeying.  I am continuing my detrenching of the inside of the rig.  I have made good headway, and shouldn't need too much longer.

Oh, and Glory has now graduated from potty school.  I don't even need the pellets anymore, but I will bring a small bag for in the camper just to confirm the facility location for her. (I'm so proud of her :-)    )

Not much else to say today, so for now, I bid you


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