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Friday, May 22, 2009

Alberta Bound

May 20

We have arrived at Bow Valley Park Campground at around 3:30 local time, having left Revelstoke just past the stroke of 9. (As we crossed the time line, that makes it actually 2:30) so we made good time.

We did do a bit of jockeying about.  We changed sites as we are bigger, taller, and wider (in spite heads up notice) than expected, and finally wound up in a pull through – oh, and it is snowing, but the temperature is still decent, hovering around the upper side of 0oC. (I am attaching a video, but ignore the sounds, it is the TV in the background)

We were supposed to have water, but the snow is pre-empting that amenity.  They do have a hose on at what they call the comfort spot where we filled the fresh water holding tank.  It is stale, having never been used in our year and a half ownership of this ark, but we have plenty of potable water in the fridge.  We are also on 15 amp service, and being used to 50 amp, we are doing a bit of semi-boondocking.  (Be reasonable, now – technically we are still rookies)  We are using the holding tanks for the first time, and afterall, we are on less power than if we cranked over the genset, so I feel justified in the semi-boondock statement  :-)

Again, the windows present a really refreshing change, as you can see:



Fog has socked the mountains in now, but they were a sight to behold, and it still beats the paved plot, sardine stack of some sites. 

It changed from fog to mountains view and back a couple times through the night.

Reflecting back on the trip from Revelstoke to the Kananaskis region, I come to a new train of thought...

I have often heard Highway 1 crossers complain that the Roger’s Pass is treacherous.  It is steep in places, and winds a bit, but from my assessment, even with the improvement recently made just East of Golden, I would call the Kicking Horse Pass far and above the challenges of Roger’s.  Even so, Highway 3 – the Southern pass is the one to avoid even moreso.   It actually switches back on itself numerous times.  I think the Anichrist East of Osoyoos is the worst of it, but continuing south it does it a few times as well.

And with these thoughts, I bid you,


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