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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fall In The Spring :-(

We braved the wind and the threatening skies for a walk today, and several things caught our eyes. First and foremost was our now beloved "beaver tree". (2 links, pre and post foliage shots and comments) It seems that a combination of factors finally took its toll on our friend.

I think the factors most influential on the defeat of our brave deciduous friend was that between his beautiful full foliage, the sap that fed it, and the nasty winds we have encountered over the last few days, the tiny remaining trunk had about all it could bear, and then some. I must admit that we were aggrieved at the sight....

Further down the way, though, we saw a sign of hope that the battle was lost, but perhaps not the war. Thanks to the Weather Network's pollen reports, I have identified our friend as an elm tree.

The shot below is of another fallen comrade, this one seems to have lost to the dreaded chainsaw, but look closely and you will see that the trunk, several areas of the base, and one branch that missed the chopper are determinedly throwing out new saplings feeding off the amputee's roots.

Please click to enlarge this shot and look closely at all the sproutings around the base and especially at the longer thin branch to the left.  I admit, the one on the branch doesn't hold out much hope for the long term, but hey, points for sheer determination!! :-)

The other attention getter was first, a solo bird, then on the return trip, several others like it. they looked rather like a sparrow or swallow type bird, but infinitely more vibrant as you can see...

Well, maybe not quite so well, but they are canary yellow, and the males have a reddish orange beak and surrounding feathers. They are quite stunning, but as you can see, amazingly well matched with their surroundings in spite of the brilliance of their yellow.

The wind nearly blocked our route home it was so stong in our faces.... but we made it. :-)

Then we hankered down against the weather, and had an indoor day. Not much else for the day, so I bid you,

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