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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tentative Plans Taking Form

We are now getting more and more aware of the departure time coming close.  We have set a tentative date set for May 18, but the luxury of our lifestyle is that everything is fluid.  

Nonetheless, as we approach nicer and nicer days, it becomes more advantageous to plan arrivals at next locations around weekdays.  More and more people will be doing weekend getaways, and especially if you aren't booking in advance, even in what is starting to be called the "shoulder season", disappointment can occur with full sites.

It helps to know what primarily drives the RV park occupancy.  For instance, a lot of parks are based on vacationers, but a lot of sites in Alberta are driven by the oil and gas patch workers.  When the workers are coming in from other communities, during the snowless seasons, a lot of them live in RVs as it is a cheaper expense than to stay in hotels for the week, especially when it is an extended project that they are working on.

Today we await the arrival of the repaired washing dryer, and tomorrow we start the process of getting the repairs done on Spirit....

Busy times ahead, but for now I bid you,


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