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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Power Resolved :-)

Well, Ken examined and tested in the appropriate fashion, and the result was that we needed to top up the distilled water in the batteries.

The lights are shining just as bright as ever.  

And they lived happily ever after :-)

*the matter of locating a carbon monoxide in a low spot is still critically important though, if you have one, have it low or don't bother*

The day went well, I baked bread, did some house cleaning and had some visiting time with friends and family.  What more can you ask for on a sunny Saturday.

*contented sigh*

So now I will bid you,



  1. Woohoo, glad it was something so simple!!!

  2. Oh, and regarding the carbon monoxide detector, watch your pets around it....

    Mine is near the stove and Mr. Gassy Neelix likes to watch me cook. His stinkbombs have set off the alarm more than once!!!

  3. LOL My step-daughter warned me that her sister has the same problem with her gassy feline friends. :-)