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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Never Rains, ... But It Pours ...

Any plans for the day that include outside activities ...... have now been preempted due to very large and heavy rainfall.  I have to give the sun its due though, it is trying valiantly to brighten the cloud covered sky.

Today Spirit goes in for assessment of the ball joint and the torque converter front seal.  The company we are going to is certified by the warranty company, but they have to confirm the problem and get clearance to go ahead with the procedure.  God willing, everything will continue to fall into place so we can confidently take on the mountains that rather spooked us coming in. :-)

The washer is in and working at last.  Thanks to the service people in at Splendide, and the great team at Lumb's Appliance in Penticton. (Apparently they don't have their own web link, but this will do)

I'm off to basic housework, so I will bid you


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