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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Route Has Been Planned & Booked

I have spent the day with Google and the telephone booking our stops, and planning the route.

We will have free wi-fi in Revelstoke at the Lamplighter RV Park, and then Heaven knows when we next have access.

When we get to Cereal we are hoping to at least connect with family, but some of them are still on dial up.

Nonetheless, we are getting more and more ready for the pending departure.  The excitement is mounting, but also a bit of nervous energy as technically, we still are rookies at this game.  We have actually only done a couple hook-up and disconnect drills, and not since October.  We have connected Spirit to ensure all the clearances are good, and we also confirmed that the wiring is sound for the lights.

We are still going to confirm that the brakes are set well on the 5th wheel, and Ken is in the final throws of figuring out the configuration for lashing down the utility trailer.  We are thinning out some of the unused items, and lightening up as best we can.

We are also going to be putting some bleach water in the holding tank as we haven't actually used it, and although I have confirmed the water pump works, it would be wise to freshen it a bit.  We are going to fill it about 1/4, with a bleach mix, then just let the sloshing along the highway give it a good rinse.  Then we will just let it run out, and then it should be good to go.

It was a nice sunny day, but is clouding over, so we may have rain tonight.  The kayaks have been roof mounted on the rig, and fortunately, we are still under the 13' mark.  I have covered the cockpits with a heavy gauge plastic which is secured by bungee cords along the skirting lip.  They have stayed safe and sound and most importantly, dry.

As a final update on the washer, the repair required was to tighten the stabilizing block on the top of the machine.  The bearings are apparently fine....  If further problems arise, I do have a case history and the ear of 2 fellows at the Splendide main office.

The basement is mostly organized, with only the lawn chairs to be placed inside.

There is still some battening in the main living area, but other than adding to the chaos by having boxes to trip over for a week and change, there is no point in tending it yet.

This is the route we have planned.  It should be decent as we are traveling after the long weekend, and mostly during the week days.

One further add-on to a multi-though post, while on a walk the other day, we got a nice shot of a wanderer on our route.  She was shy, yet social enough for propriety in dealing with paparazzi, and I appreciated her graciousness.  :-)

With that, the clock tells me supper isn't cooking itself, so I must dash, and bid you


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